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Quality Since 1978

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The early days

In 1978, Berkeley Orton founded Berkeley Construction Inc. as a home-building company in Heyburn, Idaho. We soon added custom homes to our services, as well as commercial, agricultural, and pre-engineered

steel buildings.

From our beginning in 1978, Berkeley Construction Inc. has focused on providing quality homes. Over time, we've added commercial construction and design services to our portfolio. Today, you can rely on us for every aspect of construction.

A History of Quality Construction


IN 1978

Custom design,


and remodeling

Energy-efficient Super Good Cents homes

In 1984, we joined with the Idaho Department of Water Resources and the Bonneville Power Administration to create the Super Good Cents program to build energy-efficient homes. Berkeley was on the contractor board and helped develop the construction techniques.

Custom homes in California

In 1986, we moved to Fallbrook, CA, and spent several years building high-end custom homes in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 range. That experience helped us learn to optimize our use of labor and materials to get the greatest value from every dollar.

Our return to Idaho

In 1993, we returned to idaho. Our current services are built on our long experience in the building trade.


•  Custom residential home construction and remodeling

•  Custom commercial construction and remodeling

•  Computer-aided design (CAD) services


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